Skin cancer checks

The Nelson population has got high of skin cancer occurrence rates.

If you or your friend/family have got any skin spot that is enlarging, changing in colour, bleeding, painful or just don't feel right it is wise to come in and have it checked.

All our doctors have access to dermoscopy that allow for magnified view of the skin spots to pick up any early signs of skin cancer changes. 

We have PHO allocated skin cancer funding which may be used to help with your treatment.

We run fortnightly ‘freeze’ clinics (treating skin lesions with liquid nitrogen) and most of the doctors offer biopsy, excision and diagnostic (dermoscopy) services.

Dr Yen Chen now runs a private skin clinic (Skin at Harley) from Harley Street Medical every Wednesday. He accepts referrals and casual patients.   
Please note that fees may be higher in this clinic as Dr Chen is Southern Cross Accredited.

Skin cancer is becoming more common in our Nelson population, we have some of the highest rates of melanoma in New Zealand. Patients are often confused about where to go and often end up going to other clinics paying more for the same service.  Yen completed two advanced certificates with the Australian Skin Cancer College an is now an accredited skin cancer doctor. The accreditation program allows patients to have confidence that the doctor has completed significant additional study and passed rigorous assessment in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancers. 

Our aim is to provide affordable quality skin care to our registered patients. All other Harley Street GP’s offer skin checks and can perform minor surgery.

Dr Yen Chen is an accredited doctor with the Australasian Skin Cancer College - to find out more click this link:


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