A full range of vaccinations is offered for children and adults. This includes routine childhood immunisation, tetanus boosters, flu injections and travel vaccinations.

Funded Meningococcal ACW-Y Vaccine

For our young adults entering university, polytechnic, boarding school, or the defence force who will be living in close quarters with others, there is a funded Meningococcal ACW-Y vaccination for you called Menactra. This is a one-off dose, with a booster available after 5-years if considered still in an at-risk living situation.

Adolescents and young adults aged 13–25 years inclusively who start within the next 3 months, or in their first year of living in a boarding school hostel, tertiary education halls of residence, military barrack, or prison are eligible. Click this link for more information.

This group is also recommended to have a Meningococcal B vaccination called Bexsero( though not funded). Young adults should receive two doses of Bexsero spread 8-weeks apart. Each Bexsero dose is $135. See the statement from the Immunisation Advisory Committee below.

Bexsero is recommended but not funded for other infants and young children aged under 5 years, adolescents, and young adults (particularly adolescents and young adults living in close proximity to each other, e.g., boarding school, university halls of residence or in long-term institutional care).



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