Services we offer

Medication review

Review medication effectiveness with a doctor or nurse prescriber

Most patients require appointments with the nurse prescriber or doctor to discuss your regular medications, assess how effective they are and make any appropriate changes. Generally, this appointment requires a physical check up to ensure there are no unwanted side effects.

We will arrange any necessary blood tests to make sure the medication is not causing any problems for you. You can book with the nurse prescriber or your GP for a medication review. 

Women’s Health

All clinicians at Harley Street are happy to discuss women's health issues with you

Dr Sarah Wong and Dr Maria Giouzeli have experience in general health for women and an interest in sexual health. Our nurses are cervical smear takers.

Maternity care

Our doctors do not act as Lead Maternity Carers (LMC’s) but do provide antenatal care in the first trimester and liaise with local midwives and obstetricians over ongoing care in pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period.

Please follow this link to find a midwife

We provide 6 week baby and maternal checks, at no cost to you. Our Practice Nurses are happy to complete and provide advice on pregnancy testing.

Sexual health

We offer sexual health and STI checks to women. Again, please let reception know when you book your appointment if you prefer a female GP for this service. 

We offer a full range of contraception and sexual health services including STI checks, oral contraception, IUCD insertion (including Mirena), Jadelle insertion and Depo Provera. 

Men’s Health 

All clinicians at Harley Street are happy to discuss men's health issues with you

If you wish to see a male doctor, please let the reception know when you make the appointment. All our male doctors have particular interest in supporting the health of men.

Prostate checks

If you have any concerns about your urinary flow or have been think about getting a prostate check, please book in to see one of the doctors 

Sexual health

We offer sexual health and STI checks to men. Again, please let reception know when you book your appointment if you prefer a male GP for this service. 

Acute injuries / ACC 

We should be the first port of call for all acute injuries

If you have had an injury or accident and need to see a doctor or nurse urgently, phone the surgery and we will do our best to make sure you are seen promptly. We should be the first port of call for all acute injuries and aim to provide attention with minimal waiting times if you are injured. All our doctors and nurses are ACC registered and experienced at treating injuries.

If you have been seen elsewhere for an ACC injury and is coming in to see someone about this injury for the first time it is very helpful to bring in any paperwork you have especially the ACC45 number. If you cannot find the relevant paperwork please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier and ask the reception to search the system for you to minimise any delays to your appointment. 

Our nurses are happy to change dressings and remove stitches as needed

Doctor at Harley Street Medical checking skin lesions

Skin checks

It is wise to get skin spots checked

Our aim is to provide affordable quality skin care to our registered patients. All Harley Street GP’s (except Maria Giouzeli) offer skin checks and can perform minor surgeries as required. 

Dr Yen Chen runs a private skin clinic (Skin at Harley) from Harley Street Medical every Wednesday. He accepts referrals and casual patients.   *Please note that fees may be higher in this clinic as Dr Chen is Southern Cross Accredited.

If you would like a check by Dr Yen Chen and Skin at Harley please contact reception to book.


A full range of vaccinations is offered for children and adults

We are happy to offer vaccinations for children and adults. This includes routine childhood immunisations, tetanus boosters, flu injection and COVID vaccines. 

Generally, our nurses will let patients know if they are due for scheduled immunisation. Please get in touch if you require information regarding immunisations. 

Harley Street Medical waiting room

After Hours

How to get help outside of business hours

Our Medical practice is open 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. If you need care after hours, the Nelson Medical and Injury Centre (MIC) at 98 Waimea Road Nelson provides for all our patients. Harley Street doctors are rostered to work at MIC and we strongly encourage you to use this as your after hours service. With your permission – and only with your permission – MIC is able to access your important health information from us e.g. medication, vaccination status.

If you require care when the surgery is closed, phone MIC – Nelson 546 8881 or visit 98 Waimea Road, Nelson (on the Nelson Public Hospital site, beside ED). MIC is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the phones are answered 24 hours a day. Staff there will refer you back to this practice if we are open.

If you ring this practice after hours, you receive a message that will allow you to link through to MIC.

image of a passport

Immigration Medicals

We are able to help you with your NZ VISA application medical requirements

Doctor Yen Chen is an accredited physician for Immigration New Zealand and can provide medical examinations for NZ VISA applicants.

Two appointments are normally required to complete the application process. Please contact the practice via telephone to make a booking.