Waiting room at Hartley Street Medical practice


We are taking limited enrolments at HSM. This means we will take enrolments for patients who do not currently have a GP in Nelson. Our ability to take new enrolments is also based on our number of enrolled patients that we have presently.

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To enrol a patient must present to reception, in person with:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of eligibility to be enrolled (e.g. NZ birth certificate, NZ passport or NZ VISA)
  • Proof of address

Please note: we cannot guarantee that there will be a space for a new patient on the day. We will run a patient count at the time and see if there are spaces.

Please also be aware, all new patients at Harley Street Medical MUST have a new patient appointment with a nurse once their enrolment is complete. There is a charge for this of

See our fees at Find a GP in Nelson – Harley Street Medical

We do not give enrolment forms out to take away.

Call reception or visit to enquire about enrolment availability.