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August 2019

Getting over winter

As had been predicted, this has been a somewhat worse season than average for flu. Despite the days getting longer, the flu is still circulating in the community. If you do think you have the flu, the best thing you can do is not spread it further – hunker down, rest, plenty of fluids, keep warm and stay away from work.

If you are getting sicker despite this, talk to a Practice Nurse or make an appointment – but please give us a heads up so we can keep you out of the waiting room. We usually have a spare room to keep you from spreading the virus.

Flu vaccines are still very limited due to restricted supply. If you are over 65 years and have other health issues, ask if we may have some vaccine available.


Not much in Nelson so far, but a real issue in Auckland, Christchurch and around the world. The vaccine is highly effective and we want to make sure that all your children are protected. Some of the approximately 180 cases so far in Auckland have ended up in hospital, and some in intensive care. The uptake of vaccine at Harley Street has been good, mainly due to parents making sure their children are immunised and also due to our nurses chasing up those who are due or overdue.

If you are unsure about whether your child needs further vaccinations, give us a ring and we can quickly check your records.

Harley Street Medical … update …

Dr Yen Chen is now well established in the corner consulting room, after 4 months with us. He is becoming well settled into Harley Street culture – has worked for us at MIC (the afterhours centre), done many house calls, operated on all sorts of skin lesions and not had many spare appointments. His partner Sarah has been working quietly behind the scenes on our quality and accreditation programmes (Cornerstone). Yen has a special interest and qualifications in skin health … see below.

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Janneke Patterson will be returning to Harley Street Medical early September after enjoying some time off with her new daughter Anisa. Janneke will be seeing patients on a regular Tuesday & Thursday from 12.15pm – 4.00pm.

We also welcome two new staff members to the Administration Team. Rochelle Snape and Mandy Bryant bring plenty of skills and experience – they are a great addition to the team and we are really enjoying having them on board.

You will not have noticed (hopefully!) but we have had a complete upgrade of our computer software and computing systems. MedTech Evolution is the system that keeps all your records and allows us to communicate with the hospital and other health providers. It also allows you to make appointments, request prescriptions and see your investigation results from your personal devices at home. Talk to reception staff about ManageMyHealth or ‘the portal’ to find out how to sign up for this. Almost a third of our patients are already signed up and using this and say it is great. There is no cost.

Skin clinics

Dr Yen Chen is going to offer a Wednesday afternoon clinic for skin lesion diagnosis (Dermoscopy) and minor skin surgery. All the Doctors at Harley Street have training in diagnosing skin cancer and use of Dermoscopy. Yen has an Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy and is a great resource for us all. If you do have concerns about your skin, we can either check specific lesions or do a total skin check (this would require a full appointment).

If you just want a quick “spot check” - book a 10 minute appointment. When you phone to make the appointment, ask for a “spot check”
The fee for this appointment is $35 ($19 for CSC holder)

Getting outside in winter

Vitamin D is essential for our bone strength and being outside makes us feel better. Chase those kids outside and follow quickly behind them. While snow is predicted remember – there is no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing! Keep warm.

The Team at Harley Street Medical.

Updating your details

Please let us know if any of your details change.

This includes contact details such as address, telephone, email address, name changes, next of kin etc.

Let us know of any changes when you come in, or you can phone us or email us at hsm@harleymedical.co.nz


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