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Patient Newsletter
December 2018

Skin cancer and dermatology

Nelson, with our high sunshine hours, gives a high risk of skin cancers of all types. Most of us, as we get older, will start showing some signs of sun damage. At any age, protection from sun burn is the top priority and even for those of you who enjoyed a tan as teenagers, it is still worth covering up and using sun protection.

The Doctors at Harley Street have had training in detecting and analysing skin lesions, including the use of dermoscopy. If you have any concerns about specific spots, moles, flaky areas etc. or do want a general skin check please book in for a ‘skin check’. Many skin lesions we can manage at Harley Street, with cryotherapy, treatment applications and minor surgery. We are well equipped for minor surgery with two operating spaces. Every week we operate on a number of skin cancers from basal cell carcinoma’s to melanoma.

We have access to the regional minor skin lesion service, for any skin cancers that are more complicated e.g. around eyes or melanoma’s requiring wider excisions.

While we do have access to a small amount of funding to support these services, skin surgery does cost more than our standard consultations. You will be given an estimate prior to any treatment. We can generally keep these costs significantly lower than specialist dermatologists or the skin clinics in the region.

Babies on board and staffing developments

Dr Janneke Patterson and her partner Simon are expecting a baby, due to arrive in January.  Janneke will finish working just before Christmas, but we hope to see her back later in the year.

Geri O’Neill, one of our Practice Nurses is also expecting a child, and finished working mid-November.  Geri and her partner Brian already have a daughter Isla and are excited to be welcoming baby number two.  We also look forward to seeing her back in 2019.

We are thrilled that Dr Claire Molineux, who some of you may have met this year as a Registrar, is returning as an Associate Doctor for 2019.   Claire has an exciting 2019 ahead as she is also getting married to her partner Ben in February.

We have two new Practice Nurses, Megan Begg and Susan Smith who joined the team to cover for Geri during her parental leave and to replace Jeannie who has returned to Christchurch to be closer to family.

Jo Gemmell-Harris joined us in August on reception / admin and is really enjoying meeting all our lovely patients and their whanau.

Easy booking

Harley Street patients can now book from our website:

All you need to do is then click on the “Book Now” button to make your appointment. Patients can see at a glance which doctors are available for appointments and at what time. You must already be a registered patient of Harley Street Medical to be able to book, otherwise please phone the practice on 03 548 2763 to make an appointment.

If you find “Book Now” convenient, when you come in for your next appointment please ask our Receptionist to help you sign up to the Manage My Health patient portal, which will give you access to making appointments, online prescription services and test results. All you need is 5 minutes of your time to register and your email address – it’s simple!

Funding changes due on December 1

As most of you will be aware, the Government plans to make good on its promise to reduce GP fees for those with Community Services Cards. From December 1st, a standard GP visit will cost $18.50 for CSC holders.

There is also no charge for children up to the age of 14 (currently up to age 13).

Nonstandard consults – e.g. driver’s licences, which are not covered by public funding – will attract a higher charge. We appreciate you not trying to add a driver’s license check to a consultation about your other health concerns.

Appointment slips

Harley Street has recently re-introduced the patient appointment slip which you are asked to take into your Doctor’s appointment. A big thank you to everyone for your patience in updating your personal details for our data base. It is very important for your medical records that we have your correct address, next of kin and contact details. An email address is also great to have. If you can quickly check over your appointment slip details when you arrive and advise our front desk team of any changes, we would appreciate this.

Eating your way to health …

We are all now familiar with the concept with the harm that excess sugars and animal fats in our diets can cause. More optimistic research is emerging showing that some food types give benefits that far outweigh anything achieved by supplements. In fact, most of the evidence regarding supplements suggests that they have no benefit at all and may be dangerous in high doses. The cruciferous family – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower etc. – appear to be star of the show at present.

Christmas thoughts…

Be kind in thought and action. This works as much for you as for others. Have a happy summer.

HSM Holiday Session Hours Opening Hours

Please note when we are open over the holiday period it is with a skeleton staff for urgent appointments only, thank you.

Tuesday 25 December: CLOSED
Wednesday 26 December: CLOSED
Thursday 27; Friday 28 December: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 01 January 2018: CLOSED
Wednesday 02 January 2018: CLOSED
Thursday 03 January 2018: back to normal practice hours of 8.00am – 5.00pm


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Have a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Harley Street Team